Environmental Policy

Luxfords recognises the importance of protecting and conserving our environment and as a company which uses cardboard cartons and wooden storage boxes on a substantial scale, we make sure our commitment to helping the environment is taken seriously by our staff and customers alike.

All customers like to have new boxes when they move. But the quality of our materials are such that their life span often means that they can be used several times over. Even when the boxes do become unfit for purpose, we ensure they are baled and then collected by a local recycling company. So, when your move has taken place and the unpacking has been completed, please call our office and we will be happy to collect the empty cartons from you – ideally from your shed or garage where they can be kept dry but out of your way.

Because protecting our environment and recycling wherever possible is important to us, we like to ensure that our customers receive a selection of new and used cartons for their removal and we are sure as a customer, you will appreciate our reasons for doing this. Obviously, if you would prefer to have all new cartons, then we will be happy to oblige.

Operating two warehouses means that we store a huge number of conventional wooden storage boxes. These are made of strong, durable wood sourced from sustainable forestry and kept in optimum conditions, being repaired and recycled when necessary. This ensures a long lifespan for all our boxes without affecting their durability. You are welcome to visit our premises to view our storage facilities at any time.

Well known as a “local” Weybridge company, Luxfords aim to ensure that we source our services from local suppliers wherever possible thus reducing our carbon footprint.

By using our services, you can sure that you are using a quality company which cares about our environment.