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Packing Guidelines

  • Secure the bottom of the cartons with at least four strips of adhesive tape (this will be supplied by us)
  • Make a bottom cushion, put loosely crumpled packing paper or newspaper in the carton base
  • Wrap all fragile, breakable items in paper or bubble wrap. This not only protects the items but also protects other items from it. Wrapping also helps items fit snugly in the box and prevents items from shifting. Use packing paper for most items, tissue paper or bubble wrap for very fragile items
  • Pack large and heavy items first
  • Pack smaller items next, use these to fill in spaces around large items
  • Periodically lift the carton to check the weight. The box should not be too heavy for one person to lift comfortably wherever possible
  • Fill empty spaces with small items or crumpled paper leaving no gaps in the carton. This makes it crush proof
  • Make a top cushion, leave ¼ to ½ inch space at the top of the carton. Fill this space with crumpled paper. When closed, the carton top or sides should neither bulge or sag, thus enabling us to stack one on top of another
  • Label cartons clearly, write your name (if storage is required), the room to which the carton should go in your new home and a general description of contents. Write “fragile” only if the items truly are fragile
  • Long handled tools must be bundled together with adhesive tape. The Foreman will ensure the bundles are padded as necessary within the vehicle to prevent damage to other items
  • Once you have emptied a carton it can be flattened by splitting the tape with a knife. Please store the empties in a dry place and upon contacting our office we will arrange a collection as soon as possible