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Archive & Document Storage

At Luxfords, we know how important it is that your private documents are stored in a safe and secure place and that is why our archive and document storage services are the perfect solution.

Located in Weybridge, Surrey, our specialised Archive Facility provides dry, clean, safe storage with round-the-clock supervision.

Customised to your needs, we will deliver the archive boxes flat-packed and then, as needed, pick up the boxed documents from your location. Simply call us when boxes need to be retrieved so we can arrange delivery within 24 hours, and then call us again when the boxes are prepared to be returned to the store.

In our specifically designated racked areas and custom-designed file cartons, we are committed to keeping your documents safe and secure.

We also offer a secure destruction service so that you can be sure that confidential documents have been disposed of in the right way.

Prices for our sturdy archive cartons start at just 12p per carton per week, and we also provide collection, handling, and delivery services at incredibly affordable rates.

Adding to this, our rental and insurance rates are lower than any nearby self-storage facility.

For all your archive needs, we are confident that you will receive an excellent, personal, and professional service, and we can assure you or your business that any priceless files and documents stored in our specialised rack spaces and file cartons made to your specifications will be safe and secure.

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